Whole House Surge Protector
Comes with $25,000 Manufacturer's Warranty

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SYCOM's SYC2-120/240T2 commercial and residential Surge Protector is designed for whole house protection and any hardwire application.

SYCOM's SYC2-120/240T2 Features:

Lifetime Warranty

Connected Equipment Warranty

C UL US Listed

Surge Current:
  • 100,000 AMPS Total

Clamping Level:
  • Line to Ground 150 VRMS
    MOV Rating
  • Line to Line 310 VRMS
    MOV Rating

Response Time:
  • < 5 Nanoseconds

  • Hard Wire in parallel

Thermal Fusing

  • 2 7/8" x 3' x 1 3/8"
  • Weight 1 lb.

Diagnostic Light:
  • Indicates ground is present
  • Surge Protection functional
  • 120/240 Single Phase Protection


Coaxial Surge Protection Device
#CBL  $16.00




Surgender provides the most economical and easy way to install surge voltage protection available.

This unique product will protect all types of coaxial cable connected equipment from damage caused by lightning induced or man-made voltage surges on the coaxial cable.

Surgender performs a different function than UL grounding requirements. The Surgender protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes. UL grounding requirements for coaxial cables protect people from hazardous voltages that may come into contact with the shield of the coax cable.

Because of the physical length of ground wires, UL grounding systems may appear as an open circuit to lightning caused, high frequency surges and provide no protection from these surges getting into a home and destroying CATV converters, television sets, video cassette recorders, etc.

Ideal for Protecting:

  • CATV Converters
    and Decoders

  • Television Sets

  • Video Cassette Recorders

  • Satellite Receivers

  • Projection TV's

  • FM Receivers

  • Home Entertainment Centers

  • Video Cameras and Monitors

  • Computer Local Area Networks


Surge protection attack time
0.0000001 seconds (100 nanosec.)

Maximum surge current
5000 Amps. (8 microsec x 20 microsec test pulse)

Maximum surge voltage
Multiply 5000 times ohms of coax loop

Surge life
200 surges of 500 Amps.
(10 microsec x 1000 microsec test pulse)

Normal resistance across coax
10,000 Megohms

Surge Resistance
Approx. O Ohms

Power gassing capability
50 Volts DC or AC peak-to-peak
36Volts RMS,10 Amps

Insertion Loss

Less than 0.2 dB Video-1500 MHz

Return Loss (75 ohm)
16 dB (VSWR 1.38) Video to 500MHz
14dB (VSWR 1.38) 500 to 1500MHz

One F male, one F Female


1 .385"L x 0.815" DIA.

Telephone Line Surge Protection
Reliable Voice and Line Data Protection
#PHN  $35.00

#PHN Specifications:

Clamping Level
130 VRMS

Response Time
5 Nanoseconds

Power Dissipation
240,000 VA per pair  8 x 20 Microseconds

Self Restoring after each
surge within ratings

Line Wires 1' Long

16 AWG Ground wire 3' Long


At the outside Telephone Box, install the suppressor inside the telephone box or let it hang by the wires outside the box in a wet proof location.

Connect the large GREEN wire to the Telephone Ground Terminal or any other good ground. Sometimes the electrical ground is nearby and you can connect to it.

Each Telephone Line has two wires, usually red and green or black and yellow.

There are 4 smaller wires on the suppressor, one pair for one phone line and the other pair to the other phone line (if you have a second line).

There is no polarity to the smaller suppressor wires. You can connect any two wires to the phone line(s) and the suppressor will work as intended.

Keep the wires as short as possible and avoid sharp bends and kinks.


Outlet Arrestor
#SYC-6  $39.00


This is a six outlet wall mounted unit with swivel AC outlets. It also has Phone Line and Coaxial protection included.


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