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Tree Equipment

Aluminum is not recommended for tree installation's.
Copper cable and grounding equipment can be ordered from Page 1 and 2.

Standard Tree Air Terminals

Air terminal assemblies consisting of solid copper point with cast bronze bolt tension cable connector base attached - furnished complete with wood screw in base. Solid 3/8" diameter copper Lightning Rod 30" long.

Catalog Number 36 - Copper $29.50

Tree Drive Cable Holders

Cast bronze tree drive for use on main size cables or air terminals - simply drive holder in tree and compress ear around cable - holds firm to cable but allows movement for growth or wind sway.

Catalog Number 37 - Copper - $2.40

Economy Cable Strap

Copper Loop fastener
Fits all cables, has 1/8" hole for screw or nail.

Catalog Number 2 - $0.30

1 Bolt Cable Clamp - All purpose clamp

General purpose clamp with 1-1/2" of contact and may be used to connect all main size cables up to 5/8" in diameter.

Catalog Number 10 - $6.75

Tree Protection

Note 1: Locate ground rod approximately at branch line to avoid root damage. Install ground rod below edge of outer branches- Trench and bury cable and rod, connect below ground.

  1. Main trunk Lightning Rods (Part #36).
  2. Main down cable (Part #1) 
  3. Branch Lightning Rods (Part #36) 
  4. Branch cables (Part #1)
  5. Drive type cable clip at 3 ft (Part #2 or #37)
  6. Splicer cable clamp (Part #10) 
  7. Ground rod and clamp (Order part #23A for ground rod cable clamp or #24 Grounding Plate).

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